Update July 14, 2009 Hello all Its been awhile..haha...I kind of got off track but here I am! Okay okay, lets get down to business first of all just a little recap. Broken Destiny is dead and Project Destiny is awakened. The first major project got "permanently" deleted due to formatting my computer. BUT we do have a new major project to replace it! Take a sneak peek at the beta! Don't forget to watch it in HD Thank you and enjoy the show! =)

Update May 09, 2007: I haven't been making AMV much, since school works and projects got in the way. Anyways, for many PSP (Playstaion Protable) owners you have probably heard, but many may have not Therefore I'm going to tell you what is going on with Broken Destiny Group. The Soul Calibur franchise from Namco had announced they are releasing a spin-off game for the PSP(Playstation Portable). Why is this important? Well Bandai will be naming the soul series "Broken Destiny." As you know Broken Destiny is our Production name for creating AMV, we have no connection or relationship with Namco Bandai. I truly understand and support Soul Calibur, since I'm a PSP owner myself. To draw the line, I do not like to hear other creators, and fans saying we have stole/taken Namco's name. Furthermore, you can find that we made our name before they have even announced it (look at our AMV its made before they have announced). So to wrap things up and make it shorter...

Broken Destiny R.I.P. May 09, 2009

Welcome home, "Project Destiny Production"

Project Destiny is a go! I repeat Project Destiny is a go!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well hey guys, welcome to Kira's Anime Music Video little website. I decided post a website to share all you guys my Anime Music Video that I created. I am a noob at it but beginning to get better and better everyday. School, Homework cleaning, and etc bringing it down my time so I can make some a months. I been using Windows Movie Maker for all my Videos. I recently downloaded Pinnacle Studio 11 you can get it at my blog :] but its pretty difficult if you don't know the concept like me lol. I will download Adobe Premiere CS3 and see how that will go. Enjoyed your stay!

Sincerly, KiraxYamato

I been watching Gundam Seed since it was on Toonami. I was always fascinated and loved the ending theme for Gundam Seed. I think it was sang by See-Saw. Soon Toonami took Gundam Seed off and replace it with Kenshin I think Still love Kenshin too but I couldn't finish watching Gundam Seed. I couldn't watch it online since I had Dial-up (man haven't heard that Annggggg arrkk agkkk sound when you sign on for long time haha..). Then later in decades we had gotten High Speed Internet from Comcast (Cable) and I begin to watch one my favorite series "Love Hina" then probably in a month later when I had my Internet I thought about Gundam Seed and thats how I begin loving Gundam Seed
Affilate my AMV Site
Kira AMV
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Kira Kira-Kun

Name. KiraxYamato
Age. 16
Town. Orb / PLANT
Gundam. Strike Freedom
Like. Lacus Clyne
Hate. War
Background. 1st Generation Coordinator
Status. Ace Pilot Coordinator / Ultimate Coordinator

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